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Pardis :: Fars civil engineers organization's MIS

Pardis Software has been analyzed, designed and implemented during a long-term program with the goal of full automation of the Organization for the Board of Civil Engineering and with the continuous cooperation of one of the most active boards of Iran in Fars Province.
Among the advantages of Pardis Software, one can consider the integrity and connection of all considered sections which, in most of the times, prevent from users’ confusion and repetition and submit comprehensive and full reports to the managers of different sections.

The most important cases which have given certain priority to Pardis Software include:
-The appearance of the software which is entirely similar to that of windows and contain all applied standards of windows such as page division method, Key Short, Toolbar, and so on. Also, all necessary arrangements for using mouse and Keyboard – proportional to the users – have been taken.

-Complying of system security considerations and definition capability of applied surfaces with proper access permissions. With this capability along with the integrity of software possibilities at the same time, through determination of permission for each of users’ group, it would be possible to adjust the system to meet the relevant section’s requirements.

-Application of the fastest and the costliest method for updating information in the event of operation in discrete centers ( The place for software installation in separate buildings.)

-Dynamicity of all information concepts being used in different software sections.

-Rendering of quick supporting services in different ways.

Features of Pardis Software:

  • Management of organization members including real persons (member, non-member and technician), engineering companies and offices of law.
       -Registration of personal data
       -Keeping of organizational information such as resumes, educational certificates, training courses, organizational activities, miscellaneous activities and violations and offences.
       -Management of training courses and specialized tests.
       -Issuing of certificate.
       -Possibility of parametric report preparation in a desired way.
       -Submission of dynamic reports in Excel media.
       -Wide research made by members on the basis of all organizational and individual parameters.

  • Management of Properties and Buildings
       -Registration of ownership deeds for properties
       -Management of technical deeds for properties in regard to persons’ function.
       -Wide search of properties on the basis of all parameters such as registration number, building group, application type and …
       -Possibility for printing parametric reports in desired way


  • Management of supervisors’ financial affairs
       -Registration of the supervisors’ record for each property
       -Definition of regulations concerning engineering services fee    
       -Automatic computation of engineering services fee at the time of property assignment
       -Issuing of receipt
       -Registration of reports submitted by supervisors during work process.
       -Submission of financial report to the supervisors in desirable time sectors
       -Possibility for preparing diskette about supervisors’ financial affairs on bank’s demand

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